We Live in Cities
We Live in Cities
People walk about as though they owned where they are—and indeed they do... You know—you know instinctively— that none of this is for you. You know this before you are told. And who is it for and who is paying for it? And why isn't it for you?
Part 3: Problem Solving with GovLab 3.0

Here’s my theory of change: emergency preparedness needs to be people oriented. I believe that if people are given a set of tools, it will empower them to self organize. Because each neighborhood and community is different, this tool kit should be modular and exist in both the physical and digital realm. Once given a set of preparedness tools, people can choose what resilience means for their community. 

Self-organizing isn’t something that will figure itself out. The first step is big and requires heavy outreach to community boards, organizations, and cultural institutions. In this stage, I will focus my solutions specifically on how I imagine convening and outreach can begin. 

Resilience Residency

This residency idea would essentially be an extension of what I’m already doing as a student in GovLab. A residency would allow me to refine and revise my ideas with other artists, innovators, and social change makers. The upside with a residency is that it would allow me to reach a greater audience with an organization to pilot, test and refine my idea. The output or “product” for this residency would be a multi-stakeholder convening for improving community outreach on emergency preparedness.  The idea is to gain a higher understanding of how community outreach can be improved by getting artists, urban planners, community organizations, and city officials collaborating on the issue of resiliency. At the end of the residency, I will come out with several outreach models to pitch emergency preparedness to community organizers, city officials, and private firms like NextDoor.

Here’s my short list of relevant residency programs

- Eyebeam 5-Month On the Move Residency

- Laundromat Project Creative Change Residency

MakeShift Society in Brooklyn

While I don’t have a results-oriented idea of what the model would be (Read: It won’t be an app), I imagine it will be a hybrid solution of technology and real world community organizing. The use of technology can be exclusive so any implementation needs to have creative, community ownership of it. The purpose of the residency would be to build both technological and physical based strategies for emergency preparedness. The result will be a toolkit for communities to use to define what resiliency means for them.

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